Gauntlet Press and Richard Matheson had a long and unique relationship. We first worked with Richard when we published a signed limited edition of “Psycho” by Robert Bloch. Matheson had written a blurb for the book years before. I asked him if he wanted to write an introduction. His reply: “I haven’t written non-fiction, but if you still want me I’ll give it a try.” Needless to say what he wrote was wonderful–heartfelt and greatly appreciated by Bloch.

Gauntlet¬† Press has published both classics of Matheson (“I Am Legend,” “What Dreams May Come,” “Hell House”) and previously unpublished novels and short stories. We published his very first novel (never before published) “Hunger and Thirst.” He and his son Richard Christian Matheson worked on a project we suggested: each writing a short story on a given theme and then collaborating to turn their stories into a teleplay. The result was “Pride.” In “Matheson Uncollected” we included a number of his aborted novels. When he sent them to me he included a post-it saying “I don’t know why I didn’t finish these.”

We published an uncensored version of his final novel “Other Kingdoms“. His mass market publisher had cut several controversial scenes Matheson wanted to include and we provided the forum. Matheson was a Renaissance man not sticking to any one genre. He wrote “terror” (he abhorred the term “horror”), mysteries, westerns, fantasy, sci-fi, screenplays, teleplays, scripts for the theater and more.

And, he was a humble, generous and incredible human being who became a good friend of mine. We are truly The House of Matheson with (to date) 34 books by Matheson published.

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