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We have our second Richard Matheson Grab Bag of LETTERED editions (all books signed by Matheson).

You get 3 signed lettered Richard Matheson titles (all with actual letters) all new and in mint condition (they are not in shrinkwrap as we hand letter the books in-house). An over a $600 value for $199.

We will be adding add shipping and insurance. If demand is high we’ll have to order additional copies from our Michigan warehouse.

Important Note: If you ordered the Richard Matheson Grab Bag we offered in the last year please let us know which lettered book you received so we don’t duplicate that book. Mention the book you received in the Comment’s section of your order. If you don’t mention the lettered book you received we can’t guarantee you won’t receive that book with this offer.

Also note: The books do not come with traycases. We have a limited amount of room and only keep traycases for our latest books on hand.

As we have limited copies of these books we offer them on a first-ordered, first-served basis. The books will begin shipping next week (unless we are overwhelmed and have to order additional copies from our Michigan warehouse). We ship on a first-ordered, first-shipped basis.

Sorry, no Paypal accepted for this offer.

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