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Come Fygures, Come Shadowes


by Richard Matheson

A previously unpublished novel by Richard Matheson about a medium who desperately wants her daughter to follow in her footsteps


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Product Description

Published in 2003

COME FYGURES, COME SHADOWES is a previously unpublished novel by Richard Matheson.

The story behind this novel is almost as fascinating as the book itself…

Matheson intended on COME FYGURES, COME SHADOWES to be a 2000-page novel  (he discusses the book in Gauntlet’s HUNGER AND THIRST). His editor, after seeing the first section of the book, told Matheson that there was no way such a massive novel would sell. Matheson reluctantly discontinued his work on the novel. As he discusses in the Afterword of the book, which Matheson wrote expressly for this edition, not completing the book was a decision he will forever regret.

A portion of COME FYGURES, COME SHADOWES appeared in a book of Matheson’s novellas and short stories years ago but this is the first time all of what he wrote for this book is being published.

COME FYGURES, COME SHADOWES deals with a medium who desperately wants her daughter to follow in her footsteps. It’s both a supernatural thriller and a story of child abuse that won’t soon be forgotten by the reader. In his Afterword, Matheson provides the rest of the plot of the 2000-page book he originally envisioned.

Although Matheson only wrote 144-pages of COME FYGURES COME SHADOWES, it is in and of itself a novel, ending perfectly. It is some of Matheson’s most gripping and intense work, and is destined to join A STIR OF ECHOES, I AM LEGEND and THE SHRINKING MAN as a Matheson classic.

Cover art is by Michael Bayouth.

Available to purchase for this title:

  • 500-copy signed numbered edition
  • 52-copy signed traycased lettered edition

“Matheson’s rigorous research of spiritualist phenomena informs every aspect of the tale, imbuing its convincingly described supernatural moments with both awe and terror and shaping its characters as unique people who believe unquestioningly in the marvels of the afterlife.” Publishers Weekly

Matheson manages to make Claire’s ordeal a tragic and harrowing one as she struggles to face down her mother’s domination, and come to terms with an astounding and terrifying power. This is compulsive reading material from one of the greatest authors of our time.” Horrorworld

“Had Matheson finished COME FYGURES, COME SHADOWES, I believe it might have surpassed some of his other well-known classics to become the book he is best known for.” Hellnotes

“A modern masterwork of domestic tragedy and occult possibility, COME FYGURES, COME SHADOWES was the only section of this novel finished…and it’s enough to make us wish he had ignored everything but his creative instinct.” Cemetery Dance

“Powerful, compelling…deeply moving and richly imagined.” — Scifi Dimensions

“This short taste of COME FYGURES COME SHADOWES proves that this could have been an amazing novel.”  Richard Laymon Kills!

“The writing (in COME FYGURES, COME SHADOWES) is easily the equal of Matheson’s best work, and his fascination with and encyclopedic knowledge of his subject is obvious in every paragraph.” — Locus Magazine

“This magnificent piece of fiction expresses all of the clarity, style, grace and humanity that we have all come recognize as Matheson’s own. (This) thrilling and wondrous tale underscores Matheson’s shamanic talent for enchanting his readers.” — Creature Feature

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Come Fygures, Come Shadowes

500-copy signed numbered edition is $40, 52-copy signed traycased lettered edition is $125


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