While Barry Hoffman is best known for publishing signed limited editions through Gauntlet Press his true passion is his writing. He is the author of five published novels: Hungry Eyes, Eyes of Prey , Judas Eyes, Born Bad and Blindsided. Hungry Eyes is the first book in Hoffman’s EYES series – it received a nomination for Best First Novel (1999) by the HWA and International Horror Guild. Eyes of Prey, Judas Eyes and Blindsided are the second, third and fourth installments of the series with Blind Vengeance, the fifth book in the series, seeing publication in 2007 by Delirium Press. Born Bad is a stand-alone novel published in 2000, and was banned on the University of Pennsylvania campus because of the “sensitive nature of the book”. The censorship earned Hoffman a nomination for the PEN/Newman’s Own First Amendment Award, given to authors who faced censorship of their writing. In conjunction with his EYES series he published a collection of stories, and deleted chapters Guardian of Lost Souls. In 2006 he published a collection of short stories Love Hurts.

Upcoming works from Hoffman include the 6th (and last) book in the EYES series (2008), three additional stand-alone novels (including one written in collaboration with his oldest daughter), and a Young Adult dark fantasy trilogy that was inspired by the birth of his first granddaughter

Praise For Barry Hoffman

” . . . a powerful piece of work. Barry Hoffman brings you just as close to a serial killer as you’d ever dare to be. Hungry Eyes puts a new face on terror.

Robert Bloch
Author of Psycho

“Hoffman’s characterization transcends the simpleminded killing-machines who populate the genre.”

Publishers Weekly

“A new voice — and a telling one — in the horror genre.”

Richard Matheson
Author of I Am Legend and Hell House

“Monsters find no easy definition in Hoffman’s Hungry Eyes, a work brimming with odd redemption, and unsettling mood. The book is a dark street one cannot avoid, rich in passion and dread.”

Richard Christian Matheson

“I can’t tell you what’s more frightening – Barry Hoffman’s razor sharp vivisection of the human condition or the fact that a novel of such elegance and unflinching honesty was banned by the University of Pennsylvania, an institution supposedly dedicated to challenging minds. Hoffman lends dark literature a style and class that it too often lacks. Read this polished gem of a novel and form your own opinion.”