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Matheson Uncollected: Volume Two


by Richard Matheson

Volume Two of this collection of previously uncollected work of Richard Matheson, including never-before-published material


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Product Description

Published 2010

Volume Two of Matheson Uncollected (a signed limited edition) contains:

  • Two aborted horror novels, House of the Dead and Red Is The Color of Desire
  • 10 short stories and Matheson’s screenplay for “What Dreams May Come.” Matheson wasn’t happy with the screen adaptation of his novel (which didn’t utilize his script). Here you can compare what Matheson envisioned with what was filmed.
  • A newly-found previously unpublished short story, “An Element Never Forgets”

Only the lettered edition will include an alternate version of House of the Dead – in facsimile form with Matheson’s handwritten corrections.

Paul Stuve, co-editor of The Richard Matheson Companion recently found a “lost” Richard Matheson short story (in the western genre) called “The Hunt,” published in West magazine in 1952. It’s never been in any of his collections and even Matheson himself forgot about it. He has agreed to have it appear in Matheson Uncollected: Volume Two. Special thanks to Paul for this, and a number of other stories, that were included in this collection.


Mountains of the Mind (an unfinished novel)

“Now Die In It” (a short story)

“Where There’s a Will” (a short story written with Richard Christian Matheson)

“Getting Together” (a short story)

“Person to Person” (a short story)

“Portrait” and “Portrait Illustration”

“Haircut” (a short story)

“An Element Never Forgets” (a short story)

Red is the Color of Desire (an unfinished novel)

The House of the Dead (an unfinished novel)

“What Dreams May Come” (an unpublished screenplay)

Lettered Edition Only:

“The House of the Dead” (alternate version)

“The book reveals the ingenuity and craft that has made Richard Matheson one of the truly great and enduring American storyteller. The handsome collection is a pleasure in every way.” — Ed Gorman

“This diverse collection makes clear Matheson’s influence on speculative fiction and will be absolutely treasured by his fans.” — Publishers Weekly

“MATHESON UNCOLLECTED VOL. 2 is the perfect companion to the first volume, and sheer reading pleasure for lovers of superb genre fiction.” — Tomb of Dark Delights

Available to purchase for this title:

  • 500-copy signed numbered edition
  • 52-copy signed traycased lettered edition

Additional Information

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Uncollected Volume Two

500-copy signed numbered edition is $75, 52-copy signed traycased lettered edition is $200


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