by Richard Matheson

What Matheson considered to be his first true horror novel since HELL HOUSE



by Richard Matheson

What Matheson considered to be his first true horror novel since HELL HOUSE

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Published 2005

We’ve published Matheson’s classics as well as previously unpublished material. This year we went a step further.

“Gauntlet, you’ve done it again! Received the book today and it was well worth the wait. There are going to be quite a few unhappy campers when they realize what they pass up.”

“Amazing job, Gauntlet! You’ve outdone yourselves with the limited edition of Woman. It’s practically as enjoyable to look at as to read.”

— Emails from satisfied Gauntlet customers

Richard Matheson chose Gauntlet to publish both the trade and limited edition of his new novel WOMAN, a novel Matheson considers his first true horror novel since HELL HOUSE. It’s premise: Men and women can no longer co-exist. Matheson is so enthusiastic about this book he took part in book signings and a book launch party.

Gauntlet published 3 versions of WOMAN: a tradepaperback, which includes only the novel. For collectors we went a step further. We only published as many copies of the Numbered and Lettered of WOMAN as we got orders for.

Besides the novel, the limited contains a play Matheson wrote which became the basis for the novel. This is the only appearance of Matheson’s play, which differs markedly from the novel.

Available to purchase for this title:

  • 500-copy signed numbered edition
  • 52-copy signed traycased lettered edition
  • Artists Presentation Edition (with additional art by Harry O. Morris).
  • Tradepaperback edition
  • Signed “book launch” galley

…a suspenseful [novel] about a rapidly escalating war between the sexes. A relentless, gripping novel.” — Publishers Weekly

“Woman is not a book to be ignored… It grabs the reader by the wrists and drags him or her into a dark world where the outcome is certainly to be feared.” — Zacherley’s Book Review

“Written with a brilliance and verisimilitude that places the reader directly into the action, this book is yet another triumph of stylish storytelling and richly imagined plot by Richard Matheson.” — Tomb of Dark Delights

“(Woman) will have you turning those pages so fast that if someone happened to glance at you reading, they’d think you were fanning the pages.” — Insidious Reflections

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