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The Link


Richard Matheson

Published 2006

This is the original outline, in narrative form, of a proposed 20-hour ABC-TV mini-series that Matheson wrote in the 1970's (appearing here in publication for the first time).


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Product Description

Author: Richard Matheson

Published 2006

The Link began as a 557-page outline Richard Matheson wrote for a proposed 20-hour ABC-TV mini-series in the 1970’s. Television executives asked him to shorten the series into 7 hours. Later, after Matheson had written three hours of the miniseries the two parted company. Matheson’s vision could not be condensed without destroying the essence of the plot and characters. This is that original outline, in narrative form, appearing here in publication for the first time.

The story follows Robert Allright as he explores both his own demons and those of psychics past, as he struggles to decipher his father’s dying wish to explore an archeological dig in Arizona. His only clue is a mystifying crystal that his father believes is the key to a great discovery.

Those ordering through Gauntlet will receive a free chapbook, which contains a novel excerpt from The Link.


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