Hard-to-Find Clive Barker Prints

In 1990 Iniquities Magazine published Clive Barker’s “Yattering and Jack” which included a number of original Barker b/w illustrations. In 2001 the magazine’s editor (and my partner, the late-Buddy Martinez) made 35 signed copies of the prints available. We have a few of these still in stock. Four prints are included in an envelope that […]

Gauntlet Press Newsletter July 12, 2017

PUBLISHERS MESSAGE There have been four adaptations of Richard Matheson’s classic I Am Legend: The Omega Man, The Last Man On Earth, I Am Omega and the Will Smith version of I Am Legend. Sadly, none resemble the novel by Matheson which they were based upon. Matheson did write a script based on his novel. He […]

Ray Bradbury: The Man Behind The Legend

Acclaimed author Ray Bradbury passed away at the age of 91 on June 5, 2012. He lived a rich, fulfilling life and up until his last days he was still writing. I first came into contact with Bradbury in the eighties when I was a teacher. My students would write reviews of his stories. I […]

Gauntlet Press Newsletter June 14, 2017

PUBLISHERS MESSAGE Big Brother is watching. I was doing research for a novel I’m working on and conducted a Google search for images of Rittenhouse Square Park. The very next day, not so oddly enough, Amazon.com sent me some recommended titles I might be interested in – books of photographs of Rittenhouse Square Park! This […]

Guantlet Press Newsletter April 19th 2017

PUBLISHERS MESSAGE We have two messages this week. First, in response to our two most recent messages about Barnes & Noble and the “from-the-top” corporate business model which has doomed numerous other chains, a customer sent us an article about a chain that is actually thriving. The article noted that B&N is replacing books with […]

Guantlet Press Newsletter April 5th 2017

PUBLISHERS MESSAGE I received a large number of responses to the last newsletter’s Publishers Message, which dealt with Barnes & Noble opening a superstore with a restaurant (and cutting the number of books the store would be selling). I found all interesting and one especially enlightening. The suggestion was made that B&N allow its individual stores to […]

Gauntlet Press Newsletter March 22, 2017

Late last year Barnes & Noble opened a new “superstore” in Eastchester, New York. The store features a full-service restaurant which serves alcohol. And, the store will be 20-25% smaller than its traditional superstores. Normally, this news would be taken with a yawn (there are other such B&N superstores). But the sad fact is that […]

The Last We’ll See of Harry Potter?

With the release of script of the play book Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two (the 8th installment in the Harry Potter series) J. K. Rowling says this is the last we’ll see of her young wizard. “I think we’re done” she said recently in London’s Radio Times. Now, she said […]

Gauntlet Press Newsletter 5-18-16

A Note from the Publisher… We have another signed limited to be published in 2017 to announce and an opportunity for at least one of you to take part in the project.  Gauntlet has always been eclectic in what we publish. Publishing the works of Richard Matheson didn’t mean simply publishing his “terror” novels (he […]

Gauntlet Press Newsletter 5-04-16

A Note from the Publisher… A Note from the Publisher…  We are pleased to announce that, in collaboration with Borderlands Press, Gauntlet will publish the first of what we hope will be several volumes of J.N. Williamson’s Masques.  Here’s what Mort Castle has to say about the plans for the series: “Scare me!” was the […]