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A Note from the Publisher…


A Note from the Publisher…

 We are pleased to announce that, in collaboration with Borderlands Press, Gauntlet will publish the first of what we hope will be several volumes of J.N. Williamson’s Masques.

 Here’s what Mort Castle has to say about the plans for the series:

“Scare me!” was the simple and powerful editorial guideline J. N. Williamson provided contributors to Masques, the acclaimed series of horror anthologies of the 1980s and ’90s. Legendary names such as Charles Beaumont, Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, and Richard Matheson filled the table of contents and less familiar writers contributed as well, some finding their first important publications. Now, as Williamson requested before his death, his friends Mort Castle and Tracy Knight take up the editorial reins of Masques. The editors promise a mix of horror veterans, rising stars, and “surprise contributors.” “We’re honoring the ‘Scare Me!’ tradition and our friend Jerry Williamson’s memory,” the editors state, “with stories that creep and snake into readers’ minds—and stay there.”

The first book in the series will be published in 2017. We’ll provide more details as the book takes shape.

 Click here to learn more about and to order Gauntlet’s 2011 publication of J.N. Williamson’s Illustrated Masques

Click here to learn more about and to order Gauntlet’s 2006 publication of Masques V


Barry Hoffman
President, Gauntlet Press



David Morrell FIRST BLOOD: RAMBO II will be heading to the printer by the end of this week. If you’ve been putting off pre-ordering we suggest you place an order now, especially if you want a slipcase. (We order slipcases and traycases based on the number of pre-orders received). While we order some extra we received a flood of orders for FIRST BLOOD with the slipcase a month after the book was released. We were unable to fulfill some of those requests.

GreatSecret Show(sm)

We have begun layout on Clive Barker’s THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW. As with all of our books we will be working closely with Clive’s office as regards placement of the 27 black and white illustrations he has provided along with tributes and commentaries that we’ve tentatively called introductions.

 Click here to pre-order this title


We will complete R.C. Matheson’s ZOOPRAXIS. R.C. in late-May/early-June once we have completed layout of THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW.

 We will only be ordering enough copies of ZOOPRAXIS to fill orders (plus another dozen of  the numbered edition and six of the lettered). This will be the only edition of this new collection by Matheson. We suggest you order your copy now before we provide numbers to our printer.

 Click here to pre-order this title



We will be receivBarkerTheBody 2ing a limited number of copies of Clive Barker’s THE BODY BOOK from Dark Regions Press, signed by Clive Barker. This from the publisher:

 “Including two of Clive Barker’s classic stories from his groundbreaking collections Books of Blood, “The Body Politic” and “In the Flesh”, exclusive content from the cinematic adaptation of “The Body Politic” and detailed information on the “In the Flesh” film that never came to be, The Body Book will have award-winning filmmaker Mick Garris (Quicksilver Highway, Masters of Horror, The Stand) joining forces with Clive Barker in an effort to bring fans never-before-seen photos, writings, interviews and much more.”

As always with pre-orders from other publishers we won’t charge your card until we have the book in hand. We will need your credit card information which we will keep on file. We’ll alert you when we receive the book so you can deposit money into your account if required. We’re charging the same $80 as is the cover price for the book (plus shipping/insurance).

We’ll be taking orders only through May 9th so be sure to get yours in before this deadline!




We are making 10 packages of the Jack Ketchum collection available (Consider it a “Jack Ketchum Grab Bag” though you’ll know ahead of time what you’re getting).

 You get in the package:

  • The signed limited numbered hardcovers of COVER, SLEEP DISORDER, CLOSING TIME and ONLY CHILD (Note: One of these will be a signed lettered copy/traycase included at no extra cost in place of the numbered copy).
  • SIGNED trade paperbacks of RIGHT TO LIFE, LADIES NIGHT and HIDE & SEEK (the author signed just a small number of copies of each trade paperback)
  • The chapbooks THE FOUNTAIN (signed) RICHARD LAYMON: TRIBUTES (signed by Ketchum) and EPHEMERA (unsigned)

This Jack Ketchum package is valued at over $400–we’re selling it for $129.


Note: Books will ship next week. However, we may have to order additional copies from our Michigan warehouse which would add another week to a few orders.

 Sorry, we are unable to accept Paypal for this offer.


 ZOOPRAXIS by R.C. Matheson: We’ll be incorporating final corrections in May.

 RAMBO (FIRST BLOOD II): Will be going to the printer next week.

 Clive Barker’s THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW is now being laid out.

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 Please note:
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