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by Richard Christian Matheson

In the addictive new collection, ZOOPRAXIS, critically-acclaimed, #1 bestselling author Richard Christian Matheson gathers stories of dread, menace and the surreal.


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In the addictive new collection, critically-acclaimed, #1 bestselling author Richard Christian Matheson gathers stories of dread, menace and the surreal.

The tales range from prisoners executed with a hi-tech twist, to the ravages of empathy, to an uncooperative parrot, to a shape shifter’s carnal memoirs, to a man who can’t stop talking, to a murderer devoured by ice, to baby photographer who ruins lives, to a dog that reads minds.

As in his previous collections, SCARS And Other Distinguishing Marks and DYSTOPIA, Matheson’s distilled style is fierce and hypnotic.

There are seventeen illustrations to accompany many of the short stories, all of them originals created by Harry O. Morris specifically for this collection.

The collection includes introductions from John Shirley and Chet Williamson, as well as afterwords from Harry O. Morris and R.C. Matheson.

Short Stories in the Collection:

  • How to Edit
  • 133
  • Transfiguration
  • “Infomercial!” (new)
  • Making Cabinets
  • Listen (new)
  • Dead to Me (new)
  • New Tricks (new)
  • Bulimia
  • VenturiDemise (new)
  • Sea of Atlas (new)
  • Kriss Kross Applesauce
  • The Embalming Machine (new)
  • Pronoia (new)
  • Slaves of Nowhere
  • Last Words
  • Ground Zero (new)
  • Evil Twins, Temporary Blindness, Bikers and Amnesia
  • Bedtime Story (new)
  • Interrogation
  • The Talking Man (new)

Available to purchase for this title:

  • 500-copy signed numbered edition
  • Optional handmade bonded leather slipcase for the numbered edition
  • 52-copy signed traycased lettered edition

If the reputation of writers were based on quality rather than quantity, Richard Christian Matheson would be the pre-eminent contemporary writer in the field of dark fiction.” —Chet Williamson

Another gem in Richard Christian Matheson’s diabolic crown. Over time, RCM has honed his technique, fusing the sublime and the grotesque in seamless unity. Occasional echoes of other writers are heard here, in subtle ways… John Cheever?” —John Shirley

One of  a handful of resourceful, fear-minded authors helping to create a new sensibility in horror fiction that is is frightening and merciless as the modern world itself.” —ROLLING STONE

He excels as a literary writer of perfect integrity. Matheson is a role model for those interested in the art form of the short story, a particularly challenging form in which he specializes and excels. I take inspiration in the mastery and control of this remarkable writer. ” —Dennis Etchison

This is the sort of intelligent, even thoughtful fiction that floats far above the usual categories. No one else could have thought to write this way; no one else would have imagined it possible.” —Peter Straub

Imagine a Rosetta microchip. Compact, succinct, precise. Universes in there. Richard’s stories are like a drop of biowar culture. Like a speck of neutron star that weighs a million tons. Also the length of the blowgun dart that clips to his knees the consumer of cake-thick, water- inflated paperbacks, wondering what the fuck just stung him to death. Richard writes high-powered short stories. Will.  Payload. Intent. Aim. Delivery. Coda. In the blink of an eye. Or faster. Don’t blink. Start reading. You’re already behind.” —David J. Schow

A brilliant chip off the old block.” —Stephen King


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500-copy signed numbered edition is $60, 52-copy signed traycased lettered edition is $150, Optional handmade bonded leather slipcase for the numbered edition is $25


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