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Somewhere A Band Is Playing


Ray Bradbury

Edited by Donn Albright

Published 2007


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Product Description

SOMEWHERE A BAND IS PLAYING is a new novel by Ray Bradbury which he has been toying with for 50 years, and is possibly Bradbury’s best piece of long fiction since Fahrenheit 451 and Something This Way Comes.

Reporter James Cardiff is drawn to a town that wasn’t on the map. There was a story to be told. Summerton was paradise – or pretty close to it. Delicious food and wine. Sweet air to breathe. Lush green beautiful lawns. And, good company. But something didn’t sit right with Cardiff. There were no children to be seen. No baseball bats, no basketball hoops, and an abandoned school. There were no doctors and a most unusual cemetery, as well. And then there was Nef. Both beautiful and alluring, Neff knew things about Cardiff she simply couldn’t. Yes, in Summerton there was the smell of mystery, some hidden secret in the air. But, if Cardiff sniffed out the story and, worse, wrote it for all to read would the consequences be worth the telling of a good tale?

Edited by Donn Albright, the Gauntlet edition of SOMEWHERE A BAND IS PLAYING will contain segments Bradbury wrote which he never finished, the beginnings of a script he never finished, plus the completed manuscript. Also, William F. Nolan will be writing an introduction for the book in addition to signing the Lettered edition.

The jacket art and design is by Harry O. Morris and Editor Donn Albright.


Introduction by William F. Nolan
(1) Novella
(2) Dandelion Wine: Sept. 1, 1950: Nice little early fragment
(3) Dandelion Wine; 2 page facsimile *just added*
(4) Nefertiti Ohio: This was the early title (1960’s)
(5) The Beautiful One Is Here: Nice fragment. No date.
(6)”She was a beautiful woman” facsimile *just added*
(7) Follow The Sun: Another early title and beginning of the novel. No date.
(8) Mr Timkins: 3 early pages for beginning of the novel. No date.
(9) Untitled: Two fragments. No date.
(10) Somewhere A Band Is Playing: An outline for a teleplay. No date.
(11) Dandelion Wine: Description of the novel to come. No date.
(12) Band Novella – 7 pages; 1987; facsimile *just added*
(13) Somewhere A Band Is Playing: 22 pages of a screenplay. September 10, 1958
The beautiful cover art is a Ray Bradbury oil painting.

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Somewhere a Band is Playing

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