What was wonderful about Ray Bradbury was that he never seemed to throw away anything he had written. Fortunately, he had an incredible bibliographer, Donn Albright, who made trips to Bradbury’s home and scrapped up every piece of Bradbury’s writing. This allowed us to publish a number of books Bradbury never completed.

Albright cobbled together portions of the novel “Masks” that Bradbury never finished. When put together you had a novel with a beginning, middle and end that Bradbury agreed we should publish. While we published a number of his classics (“Something Wicked This Way Comes,” “The October Country,” “Dark Carnival,” “The Illustrated Man“) we were also fortunate to be able to also publish previously unpublished work (besides “Masks” there was “Dawn To Dusk,” “Bullet Trick,” “Match To Flame” and an expanded version of his final published novel “Somewhere a Band is Playing“).

The bonus material Donn Albright provided for ALL of the books we published by Bradbury makes these books definitive editions. Bradbury was a joy to work with and appreciative of all of our efforts to enhance his legacy.

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