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It Came From Outer Space


by Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury's four screen treatments for the 1953 3-D film IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE


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Product Description

Published 2004

Gauntlet Press is thrilled to announce our upcoming publication of Ray Bradbury’s four screen treatments for IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE.

Released in 1953, It Came From Outer Space was one of the first 3-D films made. Rumors about Bradbury’s participation with the film have run rampant for years. Bradbury did not write the final screenplay — good news, actually, as Bradbury retained their rights — but he wrote four treatments and gets story credit. These screen treatments have NEVER been published before.

We are also pleased to announce that Donn Albright, who edited our edition of DARK CARNIVAL in 2001, is now editing IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE. He has done a FANTASTIC job in pulling together the original Bradbury typed pages of the outlines and treatments, gathering more bonus material than we could have ever imagined possible, and convincing Bradbury to allow us to use never before published short stories in this book.

The Gauntlet edition of IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE is more than just a printing of the outlines and treatments which Bradbury wrote for the film. It is an in-depth study of the evolution of the film. The book is filled with:

  • Photos
  • Original ads
  • Marketing posters
  • Reviews
  • Letters
  • Never before published Bradbury short stories
  • Insightful essays and introductions from Bradbury Scholars Jon Eller and Bill Touponce

The book is an oversized book, 8 1/2″ x 11″, so as to keep intact the size of the script pages.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Donn Albright (Editor): San Bernardino Summers

Part I. Prelude to a Screenplay: Ray Bradbury and It Came From Outer Space
Interview with Ray Bradbury: It Came From Outer Space
Bradbury Scholar Bill Touponce essay “Our Harvest is Fear: Aspects of Carnival in Ray Bradbury’s Screen Treatment for It Came From Outer Space”
Bradbury Scholar Jon Eller essay “Bradbury’s Web of Fear: The Lost Metaphor Behind It Came From Outer Space”
Short story: “A Matter of Taste” – The short story that was the inspiration for It Came From Outer Space (Introduction by Jon Eller) A never before published short story
Fantasy & Science Fiction editorial letter on “A Matter of Taste,” 28 June 1952

Part II. From Story to Film: It Came From Outer Space
“Ground Zero” (The Atomic Monster) 39 page screen treatment by Ray Bradbury (actual Pages with handwritten corrections and notes)
“It Came From Outer Space”: (Atomic Monster) Outline, 3 September 1952, 37 page outline by Ray Bradbury (actual pages)
“It Came From Outer Space”: Atomic Monster) Outline, 5 September 1952, 49 page outline by Ray Bradbury (actual pages)
“It Came From Outer Space”: A Story for Films, September 1952, 119 pages by Ray Bradbury (actual pages)
The Filming of It Came From Outer Space: A Reminiscence by Russell Johnson (Johnson played “George” in the film)
The Marketing of It Came From Outer Space: Posters, ads and reviews
Adaptations of It Came From Outer Space: “The Meteor” (two published versions)

Part III. Life in Bungalow 10: Ray Bradbury and Sam Rolfe
Introduction (Jon Eller)
Letter from Sophie Maslow to Ray Bradbury, 22 October 1952
Short story: “Troll Charge” by Ray Bradbury. Appears here for the first time in print! Written during the time Bradbury was working on It Came From Outer Space.

Part IV. Postscript: Ray Bradbury and Harry Essex
Introduction (Jon Eller)
Letter, Harry Essex to Ray Bradbury, 10 February 1976
Letter, Ray Bradbury to Harry Essex, 2 March 1976
Letter, Harry Essex to Ray Bradbury, undated

ICFOS(photo)Part V. Bonus contents (LETTERED edition only)
Introduction (Jon Eller)
Letter from Mathilde Moser to Ray Bradbury, 8 September 1953
Unfinished screenplay: Face of the Deep

Pictured to the left is Ray Bradbury and Barbara Rush (who played “Ellen Fields”, the female lead in the film It Came From Outer Space), dated 1953.


Available to purchase for this title:

  • 500-copy signed numbered edition
  • 52-copy signed traycased lettered edition

“I’m speechless… this book is breathtaking.  It is a powerful and personal journey through the highlights of Bradbury. You can feel the emotions that Bradbury must have experienced in his emergent period, and it just empowers your soul.” — Horror-Web

“Talk about classic SF! Scholars and librarians should queue up early to try and get their hands on this noteworthy book.” — SFRevu.com

“This is more than a book… this is an event. If you are a Bradbury fan or a fan of It Came From Outer Space, you must gift yourself with this unique collection…” — The Tomb of Dark Delights

“This beautiful limited-edition coffee-table book is destined to become a red-hot collector’s item and is a must for Ray Bradbury and 1950s sci-fi film fans.” — Scifi.com

“A titanic treasure trove… The initial reaction to the book is simply one of awe. A must-have for the well-heeled Bradbury aficionado”. — Filmfax

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It Came From Outer Space

500-copy signed numbered edition is $100, 52-copy signed traycased lettered edition is $500


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