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barryMost of you are probably aware of HB2 passed recently by the North Carolina legislature (and signed into law by the state’s governor) stating the state’s residents must use the restroom based on what is listed on their birth certificate, which is clearly discriminatory to those who are transgender. According to opponents of the law it also “limits the authority of North Carolina cities in providing anti-discrimination protections for people in the LGBT community.”

In response to the passage of the law Bruce Springsteen and Ringo Starr, among others have canceled concerts in the state. PayPal also pulled 400 jobs from the state. All of these are valid protests against a discriminatory law.

However, some authors are protesting the new law by canceling appearances at independent bookstores. Most notably Serman Alexie canceled an appearance at Malaprops Bookstore/Café in protest. In a statement the bookstore noted “Malaprop’s Bookstore/Cafe is an award-winning independent bookstore located in Asheville, N.C. For 34 years, we have promoted free speech, human rights and tolerance. We often suffer because of our stance: we’ve been the target of protests in front of our store, we’ve had our book choices challenged, and we’ve received threatening letters and phone calls from people who want us to cancel events because the views of the author are controversial. Not only do we hold these events, we protect the visiting author’s right to free speech with our words and sometimes our bodies.” The bookstore opposes the legislation, has hosted meetings on the new law and posted signs letting customers know they can use whatever bathroom they desire.

It’s one thing for out-of-state artists to protest the legislation by canceling concerts to put pressure on the legislature and governor to reconsider their position but why should independent bookstores who oppose the legislation be targeted with boycotts? Independent bookstores are floundering all over the country due to Their profit margin is small. Most independent bookstores are among the most progressive businesses in cities across the country. Authors thinking of canceling appearances/signings at independent bookstores that oppose the discriminatory legislation should reconsider their position. They are cutting off their nose to spite their face. If even one progressive bookstore is forced to close due to the narrow-mindedness of authors taking this indefensible position then those who oppose discrimination are the losers.


Barry Hoffman
President, Gauntlet Press





David Morrell’s FIRST BLOOD: RAMBO II will go off to the printer next week. If you’ve been putting off pre-ordering we suggest you place an order now, especially if you want a slipcase. We order slipcases and traycases based on the number of pre-orders received. While we order some extra we received a flood of orders for FIRST BLOOD with the slipcase a month after the book was released. We were unable to fulfill some of those requests.

GreatSecret Show(sm)

We have begun layout on Clive Barker’s THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW. As with all of our books we will be working closely with Clive’s office as regards placement of the 27 black and white illustrations he has provided along with tributes and commentaries that we are tentatively calling “introductions.”

Click here to pre-order this title


After touching base with R.C. Matheson he has requested he spend a bit more time perfecting this incredible collection of short stories, ZOOPRAXIS. We will complete layout of the book in late-May, after we have completed layout THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW.

We will only be ordering enough copies of ZOOPRAXIS to fill orders (plus another dozen of  the numbered edition and six of the lettered). This will be the only edition of this new collection by Matheson. We suggest you order your copy now before we provide numbers to our printer.

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BornBadfull_01 2Barry Hoffman’s BORN BAD (his first stand-alone novel; separate from his EYES and Shamra Chronicles series’) has been long sold out. It now appears as an affordable eBook from Crossroads Press. It can be purchased at AmazonSmashwords, and B&N.

 BORN BAD is about a crack baby born without a conscience and the havoc she wreaks. The book was banned at the University of Penn Bookstore and a signing by Hoffman canceled due to the suicides mentioned in the novel.

 The Philadelphia Inquirer called BORN BAD “A creepy read.”

 Additional Reviews:

 “More than anything else, it is an unflinching look at the subject of suicide and the help that is available. No one has to face the darkness alone. Except, perhaps, on the University of Pennsylvania campus, where it is better to keep such issues quiet. Fascinating and eye-opening.” —CSF Site

 “Read the book that the University of Pennsylvania banned from its campus. Is bad girl Shanicha Wilkins, an orphaned crack baby grown into a remorseless young woman, responsible for the rash of co-ed suicides at the University of Pennsylvania? Homicide detective Ariel Dampier, a light-skinned woman of interracial background, is on the case. Fast, explosive, cutting-edge suspense.” —Creature Feature

 “I can’t tell you what’s more frightening B Barry Hoffman’s razor sharp vivisection of the human condition or the fact that a novel of such elegance and unflinching honesty was banned by the University of Pennsylvania, an institution supposedly dedicated to challenging minds. Hoffman creates characters of uncommon psychological depth. He takes on controversial social issues unflinchingly. He had created a new sub-genre of dark fiction – sociological horror and BORN BAD shows he’s still its reigning champ. Hoffman lends dark literature a style and class that it too often lacks. Read this polished gem of a novel and form your own opinion.” —Hellnotes

 A few copies of the long sold-out Cemetery Dance signed limited edition are available and the Leisure Books paperback of BORN BAD is also still available. Click here to order these editions.




Previously sold out, we’ve uncovered five mint copies of Ray Bradbury’s MOBY DICK in our warehouse in Colorado Springs. The book was published unsigned, but Ray Bradbury was kind enough to sign our copies for us making the book a unique collectible. We’re selling these for $200 on a first-ordered, first-served basis.


 Sorry, we are unable to accept Paypal for this offer.


 ZOOPRAXIS by R.C. Matheson: We’ll be incorporating final corrections in May.

 RAMBO (FIRST BLOOD II): Will be going to the printer next week.

 Clive Barker’s THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW is now being laid out.

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