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barryIn the last week of March Anonymous, the hacker group, threatened to “release the personal information of” The Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver, Colorado because they say the store “support(s) Denver’s camping bans” for the city’s homeless (the bookstore is part of Downtown Denver Partnership which supported an ordinance to remove homeless camps and personal items from public sidewalks and other public property).

The city began their attack against the homeless earlier in March. The Tattered Cover Bookstore, in a statement, said they did not take sides for or against the ordinance even though they belong to the Partnership which did support the ban on homeless camps.

What I find highly disturbing is Anonymous, and other such groups of hackers, use of extortion to attempt to force the bookstore to oppose the ban against the homeless. It is the prerogative of The Tattered Cover Bookstore to support, oppose or take no position on the matter without fear of the repercussions of the release of personal information (the few articles on the subject didn’t mention if Anonymous would release the information of the owners and employers of the store or if their threat included the release of personal information of customers, as well). Anonymous also threatened to picket the store.

In our democracy the picketing of The Tattered Cover Bookstore is a legitimate form of protest under the First Amendment. But, the threat to release personal information to force the store to oppose the ordinance is a heinous act which has to be condemned.

I’m not leaving the bookstore totally off the hook however. As part of the Partnership which supported the ban The Tattered Cover Bookstore had an obligation to speak out on whether they support or oppose the ban. In a poorly crafted statement the bookstore indicated it was not their policy to comment on such topics. However, with the Partnership supporting the ban unless they say otherwise the bookstore is condoning the position of the Partnership in their support to remove Denver’s homeless who camp out on the streets. The bookstore should either make its position clear (support or condemnation of the ordinance) or leave the Partnership. Taking no position on the matter while remaining in the Partnership is cowardice.

(Gauntlet, for instance, despite invitations has not joined the local Chamber of Commerce due to its right-wing policies and political endorsements.)

While the bookstore is not blameless the threats by Anonymous are more reprehensible and a direct threat to the First Amendment. Picket the bookstore in protest. Make customers, through picketing, aware that the bookstore refused to take a stand. But, using intimidation of the release of personal information is just plain wrong and in a democracy shouldn’t be tolerated.


Barry Hoffman
President, Gauntlet Press




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As soon as RAMBO II goes to the printers we will complete R.C. Matheson’s ZOOPRAXIS. R.C. has provided us with his corrections/rewrites. We’ll let him proof the book once more and hopefully get his new collection off to the printers before the end of April.

 We will only be ordering enough copies of ZOOPRAXIS to fill orders (plus another dozen of  the numbered edition and six of the lettered). This will be the only edition of this new collection by Matheson. We suggest you order your copy now before we provide numbers to our printer.

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 RAMBO (FIRST BLOOD II): We are making corrections from David Morrell’s proofing and the book should go to the printer shortly.

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