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A Note from the Publisher…

As wbarrye mentioned in a previous newsletter an inventory in one of our Michigan warehouses uncovered copies of books that we were certain were sold out. Besides TEMPTER by Nancy A. Collins and a few copies of Volume One of AS TIMELESS AS INFINITY: THE TWILIGHT ZONE SCRIPTS OF ROD SERLING, two more books are now back in stock.

One of my favorite Richard Matheson books is DARKER PLACES. These are tales (short stories, novellas and one script) that captures the darker side of Matheson. These are all previously unpublished stories and they only appear in DARKER PLACES. When Matheson published his collected stories he decided not to include these. As was often the case with this acclaimed writer upon further reading he decided he wanted these stories to see the light of day. Published in 2004 we don’t have a lot of copies available so it’s a book you might want to gobble up now.

We also located at the warehouse a number of copies of what was the previously sold-out Poppy Z. Brite novel LOST SOULS, one of her classic novels. We don’t have many of these either, so a word to the wise…grab it up. Few copies are available on the secondary market. None are available on eBay and on one copy is available at—get this—$6,072.10 while another is selling for $272. You can get a copy still in its original shrinkwrap on the Gauntlet website for $75 (then turn around and sell it for $6,000).

Enjoy these rare finds! (while they last)…


Barry Hoffman
President, Gauntlet Press




The traycases for the lettered edition of Tom Monteleone and F. Paul Wilson’s FAMILY SECRETS have arrived and Borderlands has begun shipping the lettered edition. We are still waiting for the slipcases for that edition of the book.

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We are making good progress on the layout David Morrell’s RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD II. We should have the layout of the book completed in the next three weeks. It will go to the printer after Mr. Morrell proofs it. We have made the lettered edition available to several dealers. Last year the lettered edition of FIRST BLOOD sold out. Purchase the lettered edition from us now and you are guaranteed the book regardless of how many dealers request. However, around the end of this month we’ll have to honor dealers requests and we could be sold out.

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R.C. Matheson needs further time to correct/revise some of his new stories for his new collection ZOOPRAXIS. We are laying out RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II while he puts the finishing touches on the book. Once RAMBO is completed we will implement RC’s changes and send ZOOPRAXIS off to the printer.

Like with Marie Lu’s CHAMPION we will only be ordering enough copies of ZOOPRAXIS to fill orders (plus another dozen of  the numbered edition and six of the lettered). This will be the only edition of this new collection by Matheson. We suggest you order your copy now before we provide numbers to our printer.

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Gauntlet Press introduces…It’s first ever “Grab Bag”! We’ve heard that some of you have had less than positive experiences with other publishers with their “grab bags,” which is why we’re going to be totally upfront with what we have to offer.

For this Grab Bag there will be only five available to order. Each Grab Bag will include:

  • One signed galley (we don’t sell galleys on our website)
  • Four signed numbered limited editions (all of our signed limiteds have been limited to one printing).

Additional information:

  • Some of the signed limited editions are still in stock and others are out-of-print
  • All books are new and undamaged (most are still in their factory shrinkwrap)
  • All of our signed limited editions in this Grab Bag are numbered editions

Please note, we are NOT including any chapbooks or tradepaperbacks. ALL of the books in your Grab Bag are signed limited hardcovers.

While we can’t allow you to specify the books you desire you can indicate if you want at least one of your books to be written (and signed) by Richard Matheson, Ray Bradbury or from F. Paul Wilson’s Repairman Jack series.

The Grab Bag costs $99 plus postage (foreign orders keep in mind that due to the weight of the package postage will be high due to the post office’s rising shipping costs). If the Grab Bag promotion is successful we will create more bags in the future after these five bags have sold.

Each Grab Bag has a value of over $300!

Just click here to order!

Please Note: Books will ship in the middle to the end of next week. Our offices will be closed Friday thru Monday so we can’t do any packing or shipping until we return. Sorry, no Paypal orders taken for this offer.


ZOOPRAXIS by R.C. Matheson: R.C. Matheson continues to proof and revise his new stories.

RAMBO (FIRST BLOOD II): We are making good progress laying out the second book in David Morrell’s Rambo trilogy.

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