Paul Wilson revisits his Adversarial series



Paul Wilson revisits his Adversarial series

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SHIPPING UPDATE (2/27/22): The second shipment of traycases for F. Paul Wilson’s SIGNALZ arrived and all copies will have shipped by the end of this week.

Published 2021

F. Paul Wilson revisits his Adversary series with SIGNALZ.

Twilight has come. Night will follow.
It will begin in the heavens and end in the Earth
But before that…the rules will be broken

The Change is coming and the world as we know it is ending. Sixteen-year-old Ellie has changed. She looks the same but her mother detects someone else looking out through her blue eyes. Ellie builds a “shelter” in her room with an entrance that leads…elsewhere.

And what of the convoy of tractor trailers Hari Tate watches drive up a mountain road and return without the trailers…leaving nothing on the mountain. What are they shipping?

And the writer who finds a hole in the floor of his NYC apartment and tumbles through into… elsewhere.

They will all find each other and find their answers in the electromagnetic pulses piercing the Earth from Out There, pulses that no one should hear, but some do. But they are not simply pulses. They are SIGNALZ.

Only the lettered edition will include Wilson’s outline with handwritten corrections.

500-copy numbered edition signed by Wilson is $60
52-copy traycased lettered edition signed by Wilson with bonus material is $150

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