F. Paul Wilson

Published 2004



F. Paul Wilson

Published 2004
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In F. Paul Wilson’s 8th Repairman Jack novel, CRISSCROSS, Jack is back in New York and working on two unrelated fix-its.  The first involves a nun being blackmailed by someone who has photos of her that she does not want made public. Who or what is in those photos, she won’t say, but with her meager savings just about exhausted, she hires Jack to help her.

The second fix-it seems straightforward enough:  Elderly Maria Roselli hires Jack to find her missing son.  He joined the Dormentalist Church years ago and seemed happier than she’d ever seen him.  But it’s been weeks since she’s heard from him and she’s worried.  The deeper Jack digs, the more certain he becomes that the Dormentalist Church has a secret agenda hidden not only from the public, but from most of its members as well.

The suspenseful finale reveals a side of Jack that is darker than we’ve ever seen as he crisscrosses the two fix-it jobs to settle deadly scores.

For those ordering only through Gauntlet, you will receive the chapbook Crisscross: An Outline.  It’s the outline F. Paul Wilson wrote for the book.  Read the book, then the outline to see how they differ. A rare treat for fans of the creator of Repairman Jack.

“In exploring the intersection — the crisscrossing — of Jack’s inner soul with the external threats he faces in serving his clients, we come to a better understanding of this individual who stands, alone, at the crossroads between legality and criminality, between public life and private seclusion, between order and chaos.”

— Atlas Magazine (click here to read this fascinating review in its entirety)

“With an entanglement of violence, retribution and the supernatural, Wilson strikes gold!”


“With CRISSCROSS, F. Paul Wilson succeeds in achieving a structural balancing act of staggering proportions, managing to keep his plotlines and characterizations crisscrossing at warp speed without a wobble, all packed within a narrative that is fast, lean and burn-your-brainpan thrilling.”

— Creature Feature
CRISSCROSS is another exciting and well plotted addition to the ongoing Repairman Jack saga…  This is one of the most consistently inventive series in modern dark fiction.”
“Wilson skillfully blends noir fantasy and gumshoe tale to provide yarns both immediate and apocalyptic. Fans of either form, or both, would be well advised to fix themselves up with a copy of any of theRepairman Jack novels.”

F. Paul Wilson has provided us with the outline he wrote for the book (the same outline contained in the chapbook), complete with handwritten notes. Each of the Lettered copies included a different page of the outline, so no two books are the same. The outline page were not tipped into the book, due to the fact that the page is 8 1/2″ x 11″ and the book is 5″ x 8 1/2″. The outline page accompanies the book in the traycase, so it can be easily stored and protected.

The Lettered edition of the last Repairman Jack book we published, GATEWAYS, sold out prior to publication — thanks in large part to this handwritten outline page.

Let us reiterate — The outline pages we’re placed in the Lettered edition are NOT copies but F. Paul Wilson’s original typed outlined with his handwritten corrections.

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26-copy traycased lettered edition, Numbered Edition, Slipcase for the Numbered Edition


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