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F. Paul Wilson

Published 1999


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“Only Repairman Jack can find me. Only he will understand.”

Lew Ehler’s wife Melanie has been missing for days, and when she finally contacts him (by a most unorthodox means) that is what she tells him.

But Jack does not understand.

He learns from Lew that Melanie was deep into conspiracy theories. Not just one theory-all of them. UFOs, crop circles, Majestic-12, the New World Order, HAARP, MK-Ultra, ritual Satanic abuse-you name it, Melanie has been there. Her relentless research has led her to the conclusion that all these theories are merely different facets-different faces-of the same entity. She has been piecing together a “Grand Unification Theory” that will lead her to the Prime Cause. The last time Lew saw her she said she was on the verge of discovery…

At first Jack finds it all amusing, but haunting nightmares, ritual murder, a disappearing corpse, and an attack by a creature that might be found in the Book of Revelations, but certainly not in any zoology text, convince him that something strange and deadly, and perhaps even apocalyptic, is in the works.

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450 copy numbered edition, Slipcase for Numbered Edition, 52 copy leatherbound traycased lettered edition, The audio CD


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