Born Bad


by Barry Hoffman

A novel tackling the issues of suicide on college campus, which was eventually banned from the campus on which the story takes place.

Born Bad


by Barry Hoffman

A novel tackling the issues of suicide on college campus, which was eventually banned from the campus on which the story takes place.

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Published 2000

Barry Hoffman, author of BORN BAD whose book discussion was cancelled at the University of Pennsylvania Bookstore (with university administration officials upholding the ban) due to the “sensitive” nature of the book (suicides taking place on campus), protested his banning by giving away 100 copies of the Leisure paperback January 16, 2001 in front of the bookstore at 36th and Walnut Streets in Philadelphia.

BORN BAD has received rave reviews. Below is a sampling.

“More than anything else, it is an unflinching look at the subject of suicide and the help that is available. No one has to face the darkness alone. Except, perhaps, on the University of Pennsylvania campus, where it is better to keep such issues quiet. Fascinating and eye-opening.”  -SF Site

“Read the book that the University of Pennsylvania banned from its campus. Is bad girl Shanicha Wilkins, an orphaned crack baby grown into a remorseless young woman, responsible for the rash of co-ed suicides at the University of Pennsylvania? Homicide detective Ariel Dampier, a light-skinned woman of interracial background, is on the case. Fast, explosive, cutting-edge suspense.”  -Creature Feature

“I can’t tell you what’s more frightening – Barry Hoffman’s razor sharp vivisection of the human condition or the fact that a novel of such elegance and unflinching honesty was banned by the University of Pennsylvania, an institution supposedly dedicated to challenging minds. Hoffman lends dark literature a style and class that it too often lacks. Read this polished gem of a novel and form your own opinion.”  -Horrorfind

BORN BAD is a work of art. I was thrown by the power of Barry Hoffman’s words. Much more than the next suspense novel.”  -Midwest Book Review

“Barry Hoffman is as “bad” as they get with one of the year’s best psychological thrillers.” -BookBrowser

“A creepy read.”  -Philadelphia Inquirer

“Hoffman is creating an exciting and inventive path in the crime and dark thriller genre and thus far each novel he has written has been an absolute delight.”  -Masters of Terror

“Hoffman creates characters of uncommon psychological depth. He takes on controversial social issues unflinchingly. He had created a new sub-genre of dark fiction-sociological horror-and BORN BAD shows he’s still its reigning champ.”  -Hellnotes

“A hypnotic and captivating read. Incorporating the best narrative traits of the genre with very welcome-and contemporary-social contemporary, BORN BAD is a thinking-person’s urban thriller, and a bright light on the literary horizon of the genre at the new millennium.  -Rue Morgue

“Barry Hoffman’s insight into the machinations of the police department, the politics and the struggles the individual detectives face is remarkable.”

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Born Bad

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