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Blind Vengeance


Barry Hoffman

(published by Borderlands Press)

Set for Publication 2014


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Product Description

Barry Hoffman returns with his fifth book in the critically acclaimed EYES series, in a signed limited edition. Teenager Renee LeShay has been kidnapped by Norman Flowers, an unhinged victim of homicide detective Lamar Briggs, who thinks he has abducted Briggs’s daughter Alexis. Shara Farris, a bounty hunter and Renee’s legal guardian, has to unmask and locate the abductor before he tires of torturing Renee and kills her. Renee, aware she is not the intended victim, assumes Alexis’s identity and engages in a battle of wills with her kidnapper. A taut tale of full of twists and turns with Renee’s sanity and life in the balance.

Both the numbered and lettered contain a wealth of bonus material. In all editions there is an author’s Afterword, and deleted second epilogue. The lettered edition also contains a lengthy deleted chapter.

For those purchasing the book through Gauntlet there will be a bonus chapbook published by Splatterpunk Press (but not yet available for sale on the Gauntlet site) of a prequel to Hoffman’s novel Born Bad. The novella centers around villain Shanicha Wilkins, a crack baby born without a conscience.

Praise for the Eyes Series:

“Fans of suspense will cheer this sequel (Eyes of Prey) to Hoffman’s Hungry Eyes. Hoffman skillfully unfolds the action leaving readers impatient for his next.”– Booklist

“Eyes Of Prey is fast and furious. Hoffman has achieved that rarity — a sequel that surpasses the original work which spawned it, Hungry Eyes.” — Interzone

“Eyes Of Prey is a compelling novel with an unpredictable plot that’s rich in detail and peopled with fully fleshed characters you care about.” — F. Paul Wilson
“Tense, brutal, and engaging from page one, BLIND VENGEANCE follows the pattern of the previous novels as each one has improved upon the one before, a feat rarely accomplished in a series. Each of the characters is fleshed out, especially the two young women. Shara might be one of the most fascinating protagonists/anti-heroes in the history of suspense. Barry Hoffman, the brains behind Gauntlet Press, has always had an eye for the best fiction from others over the years, but many don’t know his novels, both the suspense and his popular young adult series, THE SHAMRA CHRONICLES. His writing has never been less than tight and colorful but it’s always been his characters that have brought his stories to the top of the genre.” – Dave Simms, Horror World

“I cannot say how many novels written by men from the point of view of a woman I’ve read, but I can say that I’ve tossed dozens aside after reading the first chapter due to the silly, unrealistic or sometimes downright insulting ways women are portrayed. One representative of the Y chromosome who nails the female POV every time: Barry Hoffman…BLIND VENGEANCE is a killer of a thriller told in tense, minimalist prose that squeezes the suspense factor into the scream zone in this excellent novel featuring believable, memorable female characters.” – J.L. Comeau, The Tomb of Dark Delights

“With a finger firmly on the pulse of our ever changing social landscape, Barry’s knack for fleshing out the complexities of the human spirit, both heroic and villainous with all the greys in between, is nothing short of profound. The result is an organic creation that refuses to rely on the convenience of logic-suspending loopholes.” – Rick Hipson, Hellnotes

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Blind Vengeance

Signed Edition $40, Slipcase Editions $25, Tradepaperback Edition $12.99, Traycased Signed Edition $100


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