by Ray Garton



by Ray Garton

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Published 2023

Bestial is the sequel to Ray Garton’s Ravenous which we published in 2021.

“Something very strange is happening in the coastal California town of Big Rock. Several residents have died in unexplained, particularly brutal ways, many torn apart in animal attacks. You might think there’s a werewolf in town. But you’d be wrong. It’s not just one werewolf, but the whole town that’s gradually transforming.

“Bit by bit, as the infection spreads, the werewolves are becoming more and more powerful. In fact, humans may soon be the minority, mere prey for their hungry neighbors. Is it too late for the humans to fight back? Did they ever have a chance from the start?”

Ed Lee adds an afterword. Lee will sign the lettered edition.

500 copy numbered edition is $60 (signed by Garton)

52 copy traycased lettered edition (signed by Garton and Ed Lee) is $150

Cover art is by Harry O. Morris

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