Night of the Living Dead Packages


Signed by George Romero

Night of the Living Dead Packages


Signed by George Romero

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Published 2019

We have purchased the final 80 Night of the Living Dead Screenplays by John A. Russo (originally 1000 were printed and just these 80 remain), which are included with several other items of interest in these highly collectable packages.

The script is signed by Russo and the late George Romero (who also signed the tipsheets, which will be bound into the book).

We bound the scripts in a hardcover, as we have with any of our signed limited editions.

The package we are offering includes:

  • The script signed by Russo and George Romero (each script is numbered)
  • Two photographs of Russo from the shooting of the film, both signed by Russo
  • The Complete Night of the Living Dead Filmbook (a paperback) signed by Russo

Cost: $350.00

For an additional $50 we will add:

  • A signed limited numbered copy of Night of the Living Dead: The Novel (a Gauntlet 2018 publication) signed by Russo.

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