In 2003 we approach Carol Serling, the wife of the late-Rod Serling and after a good deal of cajoling she agreed to a signed limited edition of Rod Serling’s 92-scripts for “The Twilight Zone.” (She signed the book.)

We were aided by editor Tony Albarella who provided commentary, photos and alternate versions of a number of Serling’s scripts for a ten-volume series. We later convinced Carol Serling to allow us to publish a single trade paperback of the “Best of Rod Serlings Twilight Zone Scripts“.

From the outset she told us that she would agree to only a limited hardcover of his scripts. While she relented to a Best of … book she reiterated that it would be the final publication of her husband’s scripts. While Rod Serling wrote a majority of the scripts for the TV series he did count on a number of other authors for assistance. Richard Matheson, Charles Beaumont, George Clayton Johnson and Earl Hamner all wrote multiple scripts for the series. What separated Serling from today’s producers is he barely changed a word of the scripts these authors submitted to him. He trusted them when he hired them and his respect for their work was why he translated them to the screen as they wrote it. One couldn’t ask for a finer partner.