Judas Eyes


Barry Hoffman

Judas Eyes


Barry Hoffman

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The third installment in Barry Hoffman’s EYES series, JUDAS EYESwas published as a both a trade hardcover and signed limited in May of 2001. JUDAS EYES is the first book under the new EDGE imprint from Gauntlet Press of mass market titles. We’re initially printing 5000 hardcover mass market copies of the book. Under the EDGE BOOKS imprint, there is also a signed limited edition with lots of bonus material.

JUDAS EYES brings Shara into the forefront once again. Shara started off as the lead in HUNGRY EYES, then stepped back to the role of a secondary character in EYES OF PREY, and is now back to claim her rightful place as the central character in the EYES series. As Hoffman doesn’t want a character to go stale (which too often happens in a series), he thought it best if Shara took a backseat to someone else in the sequel to HUNGRY EYES. However, after writing several stand alone novels, Hoffman was pulled back into Shara’s world. This third book is all about the demons Shara still has to exorcise.

JUDAS EYES does differ from the previous two books, however, in that it takes a supernatural twist (another way Hoffman keeps his series from going stale — by fiddling with the genre). Shara has been having a recurring dream in which she is chasing another woman through a forest. The dream ends at the same point every time, with Shara and the strange woman fighting in a stream that is threatening to drown them both. Shara’s struggle with this “dream woman” has caused real-life wounds to appear on her, which then heal mysteriously before her eyes. Months later Shara will meet this woman who haunts her dreams and their psychic link will intensify.

A number of series regulars make reappearance’s in JUDAS EYES. Those intrigued with Briggs will see a major change in store for him. Alexis, his daughter, also plays a pivotal role in this book. There are several intriguing new characters introduced in JUDAS EYES, such as Mica, the woman of Shara’s dreams; an array of vibrant characters at a women’s shelter; and Renee, a troubled teen befriended by both Mica and Shara. We also can’t forget Mica’s grandfather, nor the wolf that reside within Mica. Nor Jeremy, a shadowy figure, in love with Mica yet intrigued with Shara. Or Clay … well, we’ll let him remain a surprise.

Available for ordering is a trade hardcover edition, a signed limited numbered edition, and a signed limited lettered edition. The cover art on all of the editions is done by the phenomenally talented Harry O. Morris. In addition, all editions of the book come with a wonderful afterword by Jack Ketchum.

Also available, as of January 2002, is the paperback edition ofJUDAS EYES(see below how you can get an autographed copy).

Those who want more than just the novel will want the signed limited numbered or lettered editions. Here’s what you will find exclusively in these limited editions:

**A previously unpublished short story inspired by HUNGRY EYES.

**A previously unpublished short story that could be considered a further epilogue to EYES OF PREY.

**An alternate ending to JUDAS EYES.

**An outtake in which Shara tells Briggs she’s the Vigilante he had been searching for in HUNGRY EYES.

**An outtake from the original manuscript of JUDAS EYES. Hoffman felt it interrupted the flow of the story, but it’s a nasty little piece of revenge you’ll find only in the limited editions.



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Judas Eyes

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