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F. Paul Wilson

Published 2005


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Product Description

The ninth Repairman Jack novel brims with murder, international terrorism, sibling rivalry, and a truly infernal device.

A mutual tragedy throws Jack together with his brother Tom, a judge from Philadelphia. They’ve never been close, and it doesn’t take Jack long realize that’s a good thing. Tom and he are antipodes. Jack, the career criminal, cleaves to a higher ethical standard than his brother the judge.

Tom convinces Jack to go on an “adventure” to get to know each other better. He has a map locating a wreck off the coast of Bermuda and they go in search of it. Instead of treasure they find a strange object, partly organic, part manmade, known as the Lilitongue of Gefreda. Ancient lore claims that it is a means “to elude all enemies and leave them helpless.”

Why does Tom want such a thing?

But there’s another, bigger question: If the Lilitongue lives up to the legend, where does it take you? No one seems to know.

Matters take a bizarre and dangerous turn when someone accidentally activates the Lilitongue.

The chapbook will be the outline F. Paul Wilson wrote for the book. Read the book, then the outline to see how they differ. Another rare treat for fans of the creator of Repairman Jack.

Once we begin taking orders for this book you will want to act quickly — the last three Repairman Jack books have sold out before or on publication.

“Infernal hooks the reader quickly and sends him along on a journey he does not want to end.”

— Russell Madden, Atlas Magazine

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Numbered Edition, Slipcase for Numbered Edition is $25, Lettered Edition, Publisher's Copy ("PC") of Lettered Edition


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