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Gauntlet Issue 3


336 Pages!!!

Harlan Ellison
Ramsey Campbell
Nancy A. Collins
MAD's William M. Gaines Interview
Comic-Strip of F. Paul Wilson's “Pelts”


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Complete Contents:

Assorted Short Takes

Trial by Media – Melinda McAdams
Accused Rapists Do Not Have the Right to Anonymity – Natalie Latorre
In God’s Name – Barbara L. Delhotal
Burning Issue – Lamark Waldron & Ted Boonthanakit (comic)
Profiles in Courage: Bill Baird – Harvey Wood
Right To Life Game – Trina Robbins (comic)
Political and Corporate Censorship in the Land of the Free – John Shirley
Boy Scouts and Freedom From Religion – Donna Bocian

Desert Storm Confidential – Ed Cafasso
Disgrace Behind the Glory – Leigh Roche
Female War Resistor Stands Her Ground – Aaron Nauth
Fired for Peace – Joe Reedy

Update from Broward County: 2 Live Crew – Deborah Wilker
2 Live Crew: The Double Standard is Alive and Well in the Nineties – Trina Robbins with Carol Leigh
Father Pfleger: Round 2 – Donna Bocian

Lenny Bruce is Dead – Harlan Ellison
Lenny and Andre – Allen Sonnenschein
William M. Gaines Interview – Stephen Ringgenberg

Gauntlet Bob – Russ Miller (comic intro)
Political Correctness: Getting There – Allan Sonnenschein
Politically Correct and Unrepentant – William Rose
Top Ten “PC” Media Mouths – Teri Wingender
Disturbing Images: Cartoonist John Callahan – Mike Baker
P.C. Retrofix – Rex Miller
Rex’s House Dictionary (sidebar) – Rex Miller
Political Correct Bashing – Sleeping With the Enemy – John Ames
Beware of the Proselytizing Vegetarians – John Sutherland
Your “PC” Quotient – Richard Dominick
When Is a Joke A Slur – Hill McIntosh
Contradictions – Darryl Hattenhauer
1991 Most/Least Politically Correct – Bill Paige
America: A Great Place to Raise Your Kids – Ken Rand
More Heat Than Light – Wayne R. Smith & B.J. Barnes (comic)
From Lip Service to Forked Tongue – Teri Wingender
The “Rap” of PC – Patrick Lawless
My Dinner With the Politically Correct – Richard Dominick
Show Us You’re Nuts – Duane Swierczynski
Hey, I Gotta You “PC”…Right Here! – Thomas F. Monteleone

Finding The Cost of Freedom – Kate Worley
Watching the Media Watcher – Harvey Pekar
“…There’s A Way” Remembering Dori Seda – Leslie Sternbergh
Of Nice and Men – Russ Miller (text and comic)
Interview with Joe Coleman – Carlo McCormick

Freakbabies – Nancy A. Collins
Love Is Where You Buy It – Brian Hodge
Pelts – F. Paul Wilson, comic-strip adaptation by Russ Miller
Hester – Dave Swartout
Objects – Ron Leming
The Limits of Fantasy – Ramsey Campbell
Monsters – Jay Owens
The Process – Steve Rasnic Tem
Blind Hatred – Oliver Zschenker
Death at Eleven – Elizabeth Massie
Lines From a Diary – Trina Robbins
Vampire – Richard Christian Matheson
Laugh Track – Brian Riordan
Flesh Eating Muthas – James Kisner

Lyrics of Abuse Find Audience – Steve Lopez
Censor N.W.A.? Give Me A Break – Dave Marsh
The Tupelo Ayatollah – Skipp Porteous
Standing Up Against Censors (sidebar) – Skipp Porteous
San Francisco vs. Basic Instinct – Rebecka Wright
It Must Be The Camera – Stan Higgins
Top Ten Censorship Stories of 1991 – John Rosenman
King’s Critics: A Reader’s Smorgasbord – Michael R. Collins
Cherie Gaulke: Performance Artist Under Attack – William Relling, Jr.
The Shameful Enforcement of Video Chastity – Joseph P. Cunningham
Censor Me, Please! – Adam Alexander
A Challenge to the Media – W. Wilson Goode

House of Fiction – Tom McDonald
Taboo Text – Linda Marotta
Behind the Mask: Non-Fiction Reviews – Matthew J. Costello


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