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Definitely Not Kansas: Book One of the Nocturnia Series

Definitely Not Kansas: Book One of the Nocturnia Series


Authors: F. Paul Wilson and Tom Monteleone

Published 2013

In Collaboration with Borderlands Press



Product Description

Book One of the Nocturnia Series: Definitely Not Kansas is a signed limited edition of the new YA novel by F. Paul Wilson and Tom Monteleone. We are publishing the series in collaboration with Borderlands Press. Here is a description of book one of this trilogy:

Welcome to Nocturnia, where the monsters have their own nation states and humans are either slaves, or food, or both. Where even the flowers will suck your blood if you venture near. As Emma and Ryan search for a way home, they come to suspect they did not arrive in Nocturnia by accident. But if not, why are they here? Are their destinies somehow entwined with this nightmare world?

Available to purchase for this title:

  • 500-copy signed numbered edition
  • 52-copy signed traycased lettered edition

“Fright masters Tom Monteleone and F. Paul Wilson unite to create an alternative world filled with trolls, werewolves, zombies and countless other monster races that co-exist in a nightmare world known as Nocturnia. Definitely Not Kansas is certain to educate and warp young minds into fearing the scary unknown and embracing it wholeheartedly. With nary a break in this fast paced, easy to read adventure, I found myself happily waxing nostalgia on the books I used to read as a kid and the reasons I fell in love with monsters to begin with. Whether you’re a young, old, or somewhere in between reader, this YA effort from two of the best in their class is a welcome adventure well worth reserving. Besides, sleep is over rated; read this instead.” — Rick Hipson, Hellnotes

“What happens when two bestselling authors of modern speculative fiction get together and collaborate on novel? If those authors are Tom Monteleone and F. Paul Wilson, what happens is MAGIC! The action never lags in this tale of wonders and terrors created for young adults that will be enjoyed by readers of all ages.” –J. L. Comeau, The Tomb of Dark Delights

Additional Information

Definitely Not Kansas

500-copy signed numbered edition is $40, Optional handmade bonded leather slipcase for the numbered edition $65, 52-copy signed traycased lettered edition is $100


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