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by Barry Hoffman


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Thea Hughes is the first openly lesbian graduate of the Philadelphia Police Academy. As she struggles to become a homicide detective she faces open hostility and partners who want nothing to do with her. She and her latest partner, Ariel Dampier, were at loggerheads until a serial killer case dropped into their laps. A naked body of a teen runaway painted with her own blood spurs an investigation by the two. Clues are few and they must sadly wait for a second body to inch closer to the killer.

Ali, a runaway with the ability to heal emotionally scarred victims, is drawn to Philly. She meets Thea, who could be her twin-sister, but knows she will also encounter the “Other” who she soon learns is the serial killer; one she believes she can heal. Can Thea and Ali prevail or will Ali put herself in danger where her life is at stake?

Blood Sacrifice is easily Barry Hoffman’s most mature and polished novel to date, which isn’t to take anything away from his previous works by any means. Barry has always been a champion of the minimalistic approach and with this latest offering his talent for packing a wallop with so few words has never been more evident. [The novel] is a thriller; a supernatural; a crime noir. It could even lay claim to being an allegory for racial and sexual identity or for social commentary for the derelicts of an urban landscape. Overall, the story fires on all cylinders, eventually reaching a fevered pitch when it all comes together towards its final chapters.  Blood Sacrifice is sure to leave most of you feeling unsettled, maybe even disturbed or offended, but mostly searching for more within the archives of Barry Hoffman.”
Rick Hipson — Hellnotes

BLOOD SACRIFICE is available as the following editions:

  • Signed Tradepaperback (normally $15.95; sale price $12.95)
  • Signed limited edition

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