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Bible Black


by J. Morvay

An electrifying new voice in the world of the macabre in graphic novel form


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Product Description

Published 2009

Gauntlet Press is releasing it’s first comic/graphic novel, Bible Black: Tales and Visions of  Madness, Death Love and God, an electrifying new voice in the world of the macabre by J. Morvay, author of the 2008 best-selling independent comic book “Lobster Girl”.

In the tradition of Amazing Stories and Twilight Zone BIBLE BLACK is a thrilling new hybrid of literature and comics: Cutting-edge fiction and Stunning graphics.

Walk on the Wild Side… as the short stories by J. Morvay and illustrations by a collection the world’s finest Dark Artists…..take captivated readers into Dante’s Inferno, a descent into the madness of human folly and tragedy…

  • From the horrors of Nazi Germany…to the tragedies of anywhere USA.
  • To a shadowy bedroom where a lonely, tortured Rape Victim pines for her rapist’s return so she can reclaim her soul.
  • To the City’s back-alley abortionist, where a young girl’s mangled fetus seeks its own redemption from a filthy dumpster, its rat-infested grave.
  • To the home of Religious-Crazed Mother who baptizes and prepares her 6 young children to meet their maker.
  • To a NY apartment where an old, decrepit woman seeks the fountain of youth in the seeds from young male virgins.
  • To Heaven, where God Himself prays for the strength to end His own Suffering.



“A riveting cover and a mind boggling artwork…Written and created by J. Morvay, Bible Black is one of the more disturbing reads you’ll stumble across. Short Stories and Graphics that are part fable, part allegory, part madness, and part world view, it’s a harrowing and consuming read unlike anything else The read of the Year. Disturbing and Recommended! A-.” — Heoric Times

“If you love horror, I mean real horror; J. Morvay is an author that will make Rob Zombie blink. The artwork is absolutely amazing and I can’t even describe it with words. But, I will tell you the artwork definitely goes with these moody, emotional short stories of tragedy that leads to vengeance of horrific proportions!” –Paul Dale Roberts

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