Right To Life


Jack Ketchum

Right To Life


Jack Ketchum

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Published 2002

Jack Ketchum’s novella RIGHT TO LIFE, originally published in 1999, is now one of the most sought after collectibles from any contemporary author. The Cemetery Dance edition is long sold out. Gauntlet has published a trade paperback of this novella (nominated in 1999 for the Bram Stoker “Best Novellete” award).  Neal McPheeters’ fabulous cover of RIGHT TO LIFE is shown here.

And oh yes. . . there’s more. Jack Ketchum has written two NEW short stories specifically for this edition — NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED.  These are BRAVE GIRL and RETURNS. Even if you have the novella in hardcover, you will want to read these two great new stories.

Be fair warned…  RIGHT TO LIFE is not for the faint at heart.  It is the story of a woman, Sara Foster, three months pregnant, who is kidnapped in front of an abortion clinic.  Her kidnappers somehow know every detail of her life, and inform her that she is now their slave.  They graphically demonstrate to Sara what will happen if she chooses to disobey them.  Having been brutalized and degraded beyond her most horrifying nightmares, Sara’s captures then inform her of their plans.  For both her AND her baby.

This story is based on fact.

“Classy terror literature from a writer who commands his territory with whipcrack prose, believable characters and solid plots.”

The Tomb of Dark Delights

“A novella only the twisted mind of Jack Ketchum could conceive, this is him at his best and darkest…  A psychological tour the force that will leave you breathless (and) will haunt you long after you have finished reading it.”

— Richard Laymon Kills!

“Never have I read a book that is so alive. Never have I read a book, that literally left me on the edge of my seat, left my heart racing, and led me through a gamut of emotions.”


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