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Gauntlet Issue 23


Gauntlet #23

Animal Rights


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Complete Contents:

Editorial Meanderings

Animal Rights

Terrorists or Activists: The Debate About Animal Rights – Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D.
Animals, Activism and Extremism: A West Coast Education – Justin M. Norton
Animal Rights Front (ALF): Extremists or Patriots – Joe Miele
Rights for Whom? – Nina Hartley
Earth Crisis: The Sound of Righteous Violence – Chad Hensley
Scales of Injustice – Rick Reilly


Fear and Loathing in New England – The Tom Sutton Story — Nicola Cuti

Literary Lesions – William P. Simmons
Censors, Sedonists, And Smut Peddlers: Edward J. Cleary – Sacha A. Howells


September 11: A Great Day for Censors – Adam Groves
In The Groove – Dexter Carter
Shadows on the Shelf – Garrett Peck


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