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Gauntlet Issue 21


Gauntlet #21

Independent Films: Part 1


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Complete Contents:

Editorial Meanderings

Independent Films: Part 1

Chains Without Balls – Lloyd Kaufman with Adam Jahnke
“Yeah, I Killed My Momma!” The Moral Ambiguity of
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer -William P. Simmons
American Independent Productions
from The New Poverty Row – Fred Olen Ray
Inventing Terror
Interview with Jon Keeyes – Mike Watt
Censors, Sedonist, And Smut Peddlers:
William H. Hays – Sacha A. Howells
Indie Films Take The Driver’s Seat – Zack Venable


How Independent are Independent Films? – Nina Hartley
Under Penalty of Arrest:
Your Art Or Your Freedom – Garrett Peck
NetSpeech 2000, Part 2 – Russ Kick
Literary Lesions – William P. Simmons


A Life in the Cinema – Mick Garris


Shadows on the Shelf – Garrett Peck
Goliath Prevails Over David
and Born Bad excerpt – Barry Hoffman
In The Groove – Dexter Carter


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