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Gauntlet Issue 18


Gauntlet #18

The Feminine Mystique


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Complete Contents:

Editorial Meanderings

Cover Stories

Is Candidate a Murderer?-Zachary Margulis-Ohnuma
Natural Born Censors -Stephen Rohde

The Feminine Mystique

Outrageous Roots & A Bright Future: Sex and Feminists-LaSara W. Firefox
Cast out of Suburbia-Jessica Heskin
Not All Feminists Look/(Think) Alike in the Dark-Molly Merryman, Ph. D.
The Many Faces of Feminism -Nina Hartley
Fiery Feminists -Justice Howard
Points of You-Rain Graves
The Future of Feminist Porn-Athena Douris
I’m A Cyber Feminist!-Mimi Miyagi
Interview With Julie Strain -Justice Howard
How I Collected My Power -Shar Rednour
Stripping The Shadow-Susan Bremmer


Night Carousel-Ray Bradbury


NetSpeech99 Part 1 -Russ Kick
In The Groove-Dexter Carter
Those Crazy Foreigners!-Adam Groves
Shadows on the Shelf-Garrett Peck
Speaking Plain -Russ Kick


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