Dark City


F. Paul Wilson

Published 2013

Dark City


F. Paul Wilson

Published 2013
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Just past his 22nd birthday, Jack has been in New York City less than a year, so who can blame him for not yet having his life in order? Especially since he’s still dealing with the fallout from COLD CITY.

In an attempt to save his favorite bar from being sold to Julio’s worst enemy – a scam artist named Zaleski – Jack is running a game to scam the scammer.

The murderous Mikulski brothers need his help to foil a child sex-slave deal.

DDP – a gang of machete-wielding Dominicans – wants to amputate his right foot.

A group of jihadists operating out of a Brooklyn mosque, thinks he’s spying on them; if they can’t kill him, they’ll be satisfied with maiming him.

The Ancient Fraternal Septimus Order doesn’t know his name, but wants him dead.

The mysterious smuggler, Dane Bertel, pops back into his life when the two find themselves united in a common purpose.

On top of all that, he suspects his girlfriend is being less than honest with him.

No way all these threads are connected . . . is there?

Dark City: another peek at the chaotic life of the callow youth who will become Repairman Jack.

“The writing is crisp as always, powerful yet unobtrusive, allowing the story to flow and rage just as always in an F. Paul Wilson novel…” — Dave Simms, HorrorWorld

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Dark City

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