Curse of the Shamra


Barry Hoffman

Curse of the Shamra


Barry Hoffman

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Although it is a Young Adult fantasy, CURSE OF THE SHAMRA will completely engage any adult who picks it up. It is very much a “Barry Hoffman” novel, with its character-driven plot and flawed characters whose growth is just as important to the novel as the plot.

When the peaceful and isolated land of the Shamra is invaded and its people enslaved, a young Shamra girl named Dara must lead a ragtag resistance to defeat their conquerors. Dara’s quest is complicated by the Shamra’s cultural opposition to women in leadership roles, her own self-doubts, and those of her followers. Venturing into uncharted territory to seek allies, Dara encounters unusual creatures and dangerous lands. Her rebellious spirit is the only hope the Shamra have to regain their freedom. Does she succeed? And at what cost?

“A splendid journey into a world of intriguingly complex fantasy.” — Richard Matheson

“Curse of the Shamra is a wondrous odyssey, abloom with magic and heart. Barry Hoffman’s writing binds spell, takes breath and weaves dreams.” — Richard Christian Matheson

“Dara’s mission is very gripping, the adventure and escapes are most engrossing…” — Joan Aiken (The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

“This is a rousing adventure novel that addresses the nature of personal responsibility and cultural prejudices while entertaining the reader from first page to last.” — Creature Feature

“Barry Hoffman’s latest book may seem miles apart from his controversial Born Bad, but both deal with the lethal possibilities of refusing to recognize a threat when it exists. Curse of the Shamra, aimed at younger readers, is entertaining enough to engage adults…” — Lisa DuMond, SF Site,

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Curse of the Shamra

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