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Forget about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Whether it’s to fill your collection or to give as gifts, we have the Ultimate Jack Ketchum Grab Bag for you. We have combined our other two Ketchum Grab bags with some other items we located during our fall cleaning. And, as we did before, we’re going to let you know in advance just what you will be getting so you’re not disappointed.

We have two choices for you.

Grab Bag #1

Signed numbered hardcover edition of WEED SPECIES (Cemetery Dance)
Signed numbered hardcover edition of THE WOMAN (Cemetery Dance)
Signed numbered hardcover edition ONLY CHILD
Signed numbered hardcover edition COVER
Signed numbered hardcover edition SLEEP DISORDER
Signed numbered hardcover edition CLOSING TIME
Signed Trade Paperback of LADIES NIGHT
Signed Trade Paperback of RIGHT TO LIFE
Signed Trade Paperback of HIDE & SEEK (these we’ve just found—never offered before)
Signed chapbook of ABSYNTHE
Signed chapbook of STATION TWO
Signed chapbook of THE FOUNTAIN

NOTE: One of ONLY CHILD, COVER, SLEEP DISORDER or CLOSING TIME will be a PC lettered edition (no traycase)

An over $400 value for $129 plus shipping/insurance

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Grab Bag #2

All of the above with these additions/changes:

A PC lettered copy of SLEEP DISORDER in a slipcase
A lettered copy (not a PC copy) of ONLY CHILD (in a slipcase)
A lettered copy (not a PC copy) of CLOSING TIME in a traycase

That’s three lettered editions (in place of the numbered editions of these books) with a value of at least $700 for $199 plus shipping/insurance. 

The first two customers who purchase this version will receive an additional Ketchum hardcover signed limited edition published by Cemetery Dance (sorry, but have just two) at no extra price.

Click here to order

Please note: Depending on the demand we may have to order additional copies of some of these books from our Michigan warehouse. We will try to get all copies out by the end of next week but, again, depending on demand some will go out the following week.

Sorry, PayPal cannot be accepted for this special.

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