Collectible Matheson Pages


Never before been made available for sale!

Collectible Matheson Pages


Never before been made available for sale!

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We’ve done a bit of fall cleaning and found a number of Richard Matheson typed or handwritten pages that we are putting together to offer as one. Some are signed, some unsigned (see below) but all make for notable collectibles. You get…

(1) A typed and signed page (a copy he sent us) from Matheson’s manuscript from THE LINK
(2) A 2-page handwritten unsigned copy of Matheson’s introduction (along with corrections)
to his collection DARKER PLACES
(3) A signed copy of a handwritten page from his novel WOMAN
(4) An unsigned, but original typed page with corrections from THE DISTRIBUTOR
(5) A signed handwritten copy of one of Matheson’s manuscript pages from PRIDE.

Plus two signed bonus items:

(1) A signed copy of the trade paperback edition of his novel WOMAN
(2) 2 signed Matheson chapbooks (we have a few of a number of chapbooks)

Since these have never before been made available for sale there is no specific value we can place on these items, but we’re parting with them for $129 (plus postage/insurance).

As we have limited copies of all Matheson pages we offer them on a first-ordered, first-served basis.

The pages will ship next week.

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